Medicolegal Matchmaking

The Society for Cardiovascular Pathology is an incorporated organization devoted to the advancement of understanding, diagnosis, and ultimate prevention or treatment of cardiovascular disorders. First organized in 1985 and incorporated in 1986, the Society now includes over 150 active members representing a wide range of clinical service, biomedical research and discovery interests in cardiovascular health and disease.

Many of our members are engaged in medicolegal assistance; other members who do not wish to provide this service are frequently contacted, as well. Therefore, the SCVP decided to take on the role of matchmaker - identifying SCVP members who are willing to work with law firms seeking expert opinions.

The mechanics of this matchmaking endeavor are as follows:

  • This is an entirely voluntary program in the SCVP. Not all SCVP members who provide medicolegal expertise will participate in this program.
  • Any law firm that is seeking cardiovascular pathology assistance with a case, but is unable to find an expert, should contact Rick Mitchell.
  • Any law firm interested in this matchmaking should send the basic information of the case to Rick Mitchell with the subject line "medicolegal matchmaking." He will then forward this information to SCVP members in the general geographic region who have expressed an interest in taking on such cases.
  • When a SCVP member agrees to take the case, the law firm will be contacted and said firm will submit a non-refundable matchmaking fee to SCVP. Once payment is received by SCVP, the contact information will be provided to the law firm to allow them to reach the designated pathologist.
  • Negotiations on rates, etc. are left to the individual pathologist and law firm. If the law firm decides to not use the pathologist, the matchmaking fee paid to the SCVP is non-refundable.
  • *IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER* The SCVP does not endorse any opinions of any member who takes a case and does not endorse any position taken by a law firm which chooses to use this service. The SCVP is only providing nothing more than a matchmaking service.