Memorials and Retirements


The Society for Cardiovascular Pathology is proud of the distinguished service of its members and many of them are honored on these pages.

Dr. Jack Titus

Dr. Jack Titus, Professor of Pathology and former Director of the Jesse E. Edwards Cardiovascular Registry based away on June 15th after a long illness. Dr. Titus was a pillar of the cardiovascular pathology community and recipient of the 1993 SCVP Distinguished Award.

Dr. Grover M. Hutchins

Dr. Grover M. Hutchins, M.D., F.C.A.P. Professor of Pathology died April 27, 2010 while on vacation in Africa. He was a prolific author of publications covering all manner of cardiovascular and fetal diseases.

Dr. Margaret Billingham

Margaret Billingham, M.B., B.S., F.R.C.Path, Professor of Pathology, emerita, and Director of Cardiac Pathology at Stanford University, in Stanford, California died on July 14, 2009 after a brief struggle with cancer. She was a founding member of our Society and its president in 1993. She was awarded the Society of Cardiovascular Pathology Distinguished Achievement Award in 1991.

Dr. Stella van Praagh

Dr . Stella van Praagh , world famous pediatric cardiologist, pathologist, and philosopher, died on June 3, 2006. The memorial letter below was written by her devoted husband Dr. Richard van Praagh. Drs. Stella and Richard van Praagh have an international reputation for their contributions to congenital heart disease pathology. Together, Drs. Stella and Richard van Praagh were recipients of the 1999 SCVP Distinquished Achievement Award.

Dr. Lino Rossi

Dr. Lino Rossi died suddenly on August 11, 2004. As a pathologist and cardiologist, Dr. Rossi was known worldwide for his contributions in conduction system and cardiac intervention.

Dr. Michael J. Davies

Professor Michael J. Davies, M.D., F.R.C.Path, died on February 18, 2003. Dr. Davies was the founding father of the European Association for Cardiovascular Pathology and was recipient of the 1997 SCVP Distinguished Achievement Award.