Future Meetings of Interest

Vancouver Meeting

USCAP 2018 Annual Meeting


The next USCAP meeting with an attached SCVP companion meeting is coming to Vancouver, British Columbia in 2018. We are very excited about both of our events. More information will be coming as the event gets closer.


Adult Cardiovascular Pathology Course at St Georges Medical School



Professor Mary Sheppard has organised an Adult Cardiovascular Pathology course to be held Thursday, June 15th and Friday June 16th at St Georges Medical School in London. Additional information can be found on this flyer.




Past Meetings of Interest


USCAP 2017 - San Antonio

USCAP 2016 - Seattle

USCAP 2015 - Boston

USCAP 2014 - San Diego

USCAP 2013 - Baltimore

USCAP 2012 - Vancouver

ISACB abstracts 2014