Society Initiatives - 2015

  1. Formation of an education committee

Education is a vital part of our mission.  This committee would plan and strategize our academic mandate and participation in educational activities. These would include, but not be limited to, planning of the Saturday and Sunday educational sessions, thought of an ongoing curriculum to be covered, short course planning, consensus document planning, development of “how to” sessions, and web-based educational projects. 

  1. Formation of a fund-raising working group

This committee would liaise with the Finance committee. It would investigate and develop an approach for sustainable and predictable funding for our Society projects.

Such a committee is very relevant today with an enhanced scrutiny of our interactions with industry and the existence of many policies for relations with industry.

  1. Investigation of the utilization of our finances

The Finance committee could liaise with the membership committee to explore the possibilities of scholarships for residents, funding of educational courses, and exploration of how we can improve our membership benefits for existing members.

  1. Outreach, collaboration and recruitment

Continued and improved liaisons with other cardiovascular pathology societies, including the Association of European Cardiovascular Pathologists. We should be thinking globally in this regard. We should strive to ensure that our Society reflects an international presence on its Executive Board.