From the Editor:

Max Buja, Editor


July 11, 2017

Dear Colleagues and Members of SCVP

CVP is continuing to do well as measured by various journal metrics, including the metric which receives the most prominence, namely the two year impact factor, also called simply the Impact Factor (IF). The recently released IFs for 2016 showed that CVP's IF increased from 2.190 to 2.359, our highest IF to date! The trend of the IF for CVP is: 1.881 for 2010, 2.066 for 2011, 2.352 for 2012, 2.336 for 2013, 2.000 for 2014, 2.190 for 2015, and 2.359 for 2016. The IF of CVP remains competitive with other clinical subspecialty journals.

We now have in place for the journal several new features from Elsevier, namely, AudioSlide, Virtual Microscope, option for Open Access publication and Article-based Publishing. We also have implemented the new, lower color print page charges of $300 for the first multi-panel figure and $50 for subsequent figures. With regard to Article-based Publishing, publishing articles with listing in PubMed within days of acceptance is great for the authors. But this does mean that the number of printed pages per issue may vary and puts pressure on the editor to try to keep the rate of acceptance relatively steady without sacrificing quality. Elsevier has also moved to a new system in which each issue carries its own Volume number.

In 2016, we celebrated 25 years of active publication of CVP. In order to recognize this signal event, we produced an editorial and planned a series of special review articles to be published as Pathobiology of Cardiovascular Diseases: Past, Present and Future Perspectives (CVP 25th Anniversary Special Article). I am pleased to report that this project has yielded several fine review articles for Volume 25 of CVP. I thank those who contributed to this project. We are continuing to publish timely review articles, including the excellent article by Dr. Jeffrey Saffitz on molecular mechanisms in the pathogenesis of arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy associated with his receipt of the Distinguished Achievement Award in 2016.

Our Elsevier publisher has updated us on the status of CVP's participation in the Twitter-based pathology journal club. This is being coordinated by Dr. Melanie Bois from Mayo. On June 27th a one hour discussion took place of the article by Dr. Joe Maleszewski and colleagues on Cardiac amyloidosis: pathology, nomenclature and typing. Over that time, 45 participants (pathologists from multiple subspecialties) discussed the article in over 860 tweets which were seen over 2.2 million times! As a result of this effort it is now the most read article on the journal website and the 2nd most discussed (online) CVP article of all time! CVP's involvement in the Twitter-based pathology journal club continues to increase under Dr. Bois' leadership.

I appreciate the continued interest and participation of members of SCVP in the activities of CVP. We continue to welcome your comments and suggestions as to how we can continue to make the journal more relevant in this fast moving information age.


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L. Maximilian Buja, M.D.



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