From the Editor:

Max Buja, Editor


July 6, 2016

Dear Colleagues of the Society for Cardiovascular Pathology:

I am writing to update you on three important milestones for our journal, Cardiovascular Pathology.

First, our Elsevier publisher, Jason Winkler, recently informed us that the two-year Impact Factor for 2015 was reported as 2.19 for CVP. This represents an uptick from the 2014 IF of 2.00 for CVP. The Impact Factor measures the average number of citations received in a particular year by papers published in the journal during the two preceding years. The 2014 IF of 2.0 was based on 136 articles published in 2012 and 2013 and 272 citations in 2014 for these papers. The 2015 IF of 2.19 was based on 137 articles published in 2013 and 2014 and 300 citations in 2015 for these papers. Thus, same number of publications in the two years with 28 more citations yielding a higher IF for 2015 versus 2014. The history of the CVP IF for the last five years is: 2.06 in 2011, 2.35 in 2012, 2.33 in 2013, 2.00 in 2014 and 2.19 for 2015. In our previous newsletter of November 11, 2015, we provided a further analysis of factors influencing the fluctuation of the IF. We postulated a bottom line conclusion that a combination of fewer review articles and more uncited articles in a preceding two year period will lower the two-year IF compared to the previous IF. The converse is also true that the more articles that get cited, whether they are new work or review articles, the higher will be the IF. The two-year IF is one of a number of metrics used to assess journals, and these metrics for CVP are shown on the homepage of the journal.

The second milestone is that we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of CVP with the publication of Volume 25 of the journal in 2016. We are recognizing this milestone with the publication of a series of CVP 25th Anniversary Special Review Articles which are intended to provide perspectives on the past, present and future knowledge of particular cardiovascular entities. The series includes perspectives on cardiac arrhythmias, ischemic heart disease, and valvular heart disease. We intend to publish a couple more articles in the series. We hope you find the perspectives from these articles to be insightful and stimulating for your work. We also have recently published two consensus statements on aortic disease produced by a working group of our colleagues. See CVP 2015;24:267-78 and CVP 2016;25:247-57. Following discussion at our last Editorial Board meeting, we are attempting to be more stringent with the acceptance of case reports by focusing on case reports with novel findings with implications for increased understanding of pathogenesis. We hope that these publication initiatives and decisions will lead to progressive enhancement of the reputation and impact of CVP in the cardiovascular community.

The third milestone is that CVP is now implementing the conversion from the old EES (Elsevier Editorial System) to the new EVISE system. This is an Elsevier enterprise mandate. The key aims of EVISE are directed at streamlining processes, and improving the speed and quality of the user experience. The intent is to provide superior author, reviewer and editor services by creating faster access and functionality; by automating some editorial activities; by creating more flexibility so that users can engage when it suits them; and by creating seamless integration with other Elsevier systems, including Scopus, Science Direct and Mendeley.

CVP is going live on EVISE this month. We hope the learning experience for me and my editorial assistant as well as the reviews and authors will be short-lived and smooth, but we ask for your understanding and welcome your comments and suggestions. We will continue to operate also in the old EES system until all of the manuscripts currently in that system are brought to a final decision. The URL of our EVISE site is:

As always, thank you for your support of our journal, Cardiovascular Pathology.

Best regards,

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L. Maximilian Buja, M.D.



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