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Max Buja, Editor


July/August 2013 Issue (Volume 22, Number 4)

I am pleased to report that our publisher, Elsevier, has notified us that the Impact Factor (IF) for Cardiovascular Pathology has again shown an increase reaching 2.352 for 2012. The standard IF is calculated by dividing the number of current citations to articles published in the two previous years divided by the number of articles published in those same two years. So our 2012 impact factor is based on articles published in 2010 and 2011. This result represents a valedictory achievement of our previous editors, Dr. Jagdish Butany and Dr. Avrum Gotlieb, as well as the work of members of our Editorial Board and other reviewers who have worked to elevate the standards of papers published in our journal.

Recent IFs for CVP are as follows: 1.881 for 2010, 2.066 for 2011 (10% increase) and 2.352 for 2012 (14% increase). IF can have ups and downs, particularly for a journal such as ours which publishes a relatively small number of articles 6 times a year. Also, there is debate regarding the overall merit of the IF. Nevertheless, we should be pleased with the report from Elsevier. The positive trajectory of our IF supports the view that CVP is increasingly competitive among pathology journals and certainly with subspecialty journals. If you want more information regarding journal metrics, you can go to a previous Editor's newsletter and follow the link to the attachment with information regarding journal metrics.

The July/August 2013 issue of CVP features a review article on emerging pathogenic mechanisms in human myxomatous mitral valve and original full length articles addressing issues related to atherosclerosis, myocardial ischemic injury, stem cells, blood group A antigen expression (implications for transplantation), stem cell patterns from neonate to adult, myocardial remodeling in T. cruzi infection, and radiology-pathology correlation. We also are publishing clinical case studies of congenital coronary anomalies and coronary radiation arteritis.

I welcome your comments about the articles we are publishing and anything else regarding our journal, Cardiovascular Pathology.



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L. Maximilian Buja, M.D.



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