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Max Buja, Editor


January/February 2013 Issue (Volume 22, Number 1)

Dear Colleagues,

The first issue of CVP for 2013 features three review articles. Dr. Avrum Gotlieb, our 2012 Distinguished Achievement Awardee, and his colleagues review the pathobiology of calcific aortic valvular disease. Dr. Michael Gimbrone, our 2013 Distinguished Achievement Awardee, and his colleague, Dr. Guillermo Garcia-Cardena, review the influence of hemodynamic forces on endothelial pathobiology and atherosclerosis. In a related review article, Dr. Jiri Frohlich and Dr. Ahmad Al-Sarraf, summarize the application of cardiovascular risk factors to prevention of atherosclerosis.

In this issue of CVP, we have also been able to publish a relatively large number of original articles and short communications dealing with human cardiovascular disease and experimental models. This is thanks to our publisher, David Sampson, at Elsevier giving us additional pages in order to reduce the backlog from article acceptance to on-line and print publication. This time period is now down from about 18 months to about 8 months.

More detail is as follows. Shortly after an article is accepted, Elsevier staff ensures that the paper gets registered with Pub Med and get a Pub Med ID number (PMID). The article will then appear in Pub Med as an Epub ahead of print. Sometime later, the article is officially published. At this point, the article is cited in Pub Med with the Volume and page numbers which coincide with the print version of the article in a certain issue of the journal.

I hope the SCVP members also took note of an e-mail blast from Elsevier entitled: "Fast Publication for Cardiovascular Pathology." The message indicated the following for CVP:

  • First Decision - 3.6 weeks (from submission to first decision in weeks)

  • Review Speed - 24.2 weeks (from submission to acceptance of the article by the editor in weeks)

  • Production Speed - 6.8 weeks (from acceptance of the article to citable online in weeks)

    This analysis is based on data from 2012 YTD, accepted manuscripts only.

    As stated in the e-mail, every year we aim to improve on publication speed. This is just one of many reasons to submit your priority research to Cardiovascular Pathology.



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    L. Maximilian Buja, M.D.



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