President's Annual Report, March 2012








John P. Veinot M.D. FRCPC


I would like to thank the Members of the Society for the honour of continuing to serve as President. Together we have accomplished many things this year and started other initiatives that will grow.

I would like to thank the Members of the Executive for their support and guidance. For this, I remain appreciative.

We have an excellent educational program this year for Saturday and Sunday. We are trying new things on Saturday in order to increase exposure to our young investigators. This is excellent for our Society and its future. Dr. Rick Mitchell has done the arrangements for these sessions and he deserves great thanks.

For 2012 we are privileged to award the Distinguished Achievement Award to Dr. Avrum Gotlieb. Avrum has been a valued member of our Society since the beginning and also co-editor of the journal up until just recently. He will share his accomplishments in forwarding the knowledge concerning vascular and valve disease and injury response.

Our evening session this year looks very interesting and was capably organized by Dr Butany. Thank you Jagdish for arranging the last several years of programs attractive to the USCAP attendees.

Our collaborations with the Association of European Cardiovascular Pathology continue to bear fruit. This year we have published our consensus document on standards for surgical examination (Jim Stone and Cristina Basso leaders) and our document on the utility of endomyocardial biopsy was accepted for publication (Ornella Leona and myself leaders). This is a team effort and I am delighted that these collaborations continue. Our next project will be surgical pathology of aortic disease (Jim Stone and Patrick Bruneval leaders). I believe it essential for our 2 groups to continue working together through a range of topics.

We co-sponsored a session at the American Society for Investigative Pathology and have an ongoing relationship with this group. Thanks to Max Buja for leading this. However, I believe we still can do better with outreach to other societies including forensic, pediatric pathology and biomedical groups. Educational sessions may open the doors and this should be a continued initiative.

I have approached the USCAP concerning increasing our profile on the USCAP Educational committee and also to examine the possibility of a long course on Cardiovascular Pathology. As you can imagine, with a change in Executive vice-President, these requests were received, but will need follow up. Dr. Silva was a supporter of our mandate and I am sure Dr. Smoller will continue to have good relations with us.

We continue to offer short courses at the USCAP. We should mentor and encourage our members to get involved in organizing these valuable sessions.

Our journal is healthy and is in the capable new hands of Dr. Max Buja and his team. Under his term I have every confidence the journal will flourish and we all need to support him in these endeavors by sending our submissions and by acting as expedient reviewers when called upon.

We offer great thanks to Avrum Gottlieb and Jagdish Butany for their terms as co-editors of the journal. They built on the work of Steve Factor and have left the journal in a good state. Special thanks to their assistant Melissa Skarban who was essential in the journal’s success.

We now have a Society credit card that Silvio Litvosky has obtained for the society’s use. Although this seems a straight forward accomplishment, such was long overdue and will make the business of the Executive much simpler.

We have had several discussions concerning the finances of our Society. Improving what we get for our membership fee, as well as ensuring financial health, are both of concern.

These discussions are ongoing and some ideas will be tabled for discussion at this years meeting. Several senior members of the society helped by offering their input and especially Drs. Mitchell and Vander Heide gave excellent suggestions.

Different levels of membership, sponsorship of named awards, endowments for educational sessions, small grants of financial support to young investigators are all among the realm of possibilities. We need discussion on these matters and I am sure that the Society can count upon each member to do their part.

The website management passed to Dr. Marc Halushka has been tremendously successful. Marc has redesigned the site and added many features including educational materials, cases of the month and other interesting parts. Congratulations Marc on a job well done.

Digital pathology, personalized medicine, quality standard setting and test utilization remain ripe for attention from our Society.

We have an excellent society proving social and educational opportunities. Continuing what we do and expanding our outreach will be healthy for membership and for enriching the interactions we have with each other and with other groups.

We will continue to build our strength and relevance when active in collaborative and patient centered medicine.

We have the healthiest of futures working together !

Thank you.

Respectively submitted,






John P. Veinot MD, FRCPC

President, Society for Cardiovascular Pathology


March,  2012