President's Report, February 2013








John P. Veinot M.D. FRCPC

Dear Colleagues:

This will be my last update to you as President of our society. I would like to thank the Society members for the privilege of serving as President for the last two years. Many things have been accomplished and there are many more things to do.

A big thanks to the Executive, especially Rick Mitchell and Barbara Sampson, for their incredible collaboration and support. Rick will be our next President, followed by Barbara, so you know we are in incredibly capable hands going forward.

We have had a good year on many fronts.

Educationally, we continue to provide continuing education for our Society members, for USCAP members, and for ASIP members at their various meetings. At USCAP we have excellent Saturday evening and Sunday morning sessions. Rick Mitchell has been the driving force behind these and has done an excellent job. We have been trying different ways of gaining the interest of and integrating young pathologists in our activities. This includes various methods of presenting the Young Investigators Award candidates' projects. The experiment continues this year.

Dr. Michael Gimbrone will receive our SCVP Distinguished Achievement Award. He will address the Society on Sunday morning and be honoured at our Awards banquet Sunday evening. Congratulations Michael.

Our evening subspecialty conference is on Tuesday evening this year and the topic will be Pitfalls in cardiac surgical pathology grossing. Thank you to the speakers representing us.

On the webpage we have tried a few new things including Case of the Month. Dr. Halushka has organized the first of what I hope will be an ongoing series of online tutorials. The first deals with endomyocardial biopsy transplant pathology and was a collaborative effort with the Association of European Cardiovascular Pathology. The second tutorial dealing with antibody mediated rejection in transplant biopsies is ongoing. This also will be collaborative with our European partners.

Collaborative efforts with the Association of European Cardiovascular Pathology continue to be healthy and productive. Our manuscripts on "Recommendations for surgical pathology of cardiac specimens, and Endomyocardial biopsy pathology were both published in Cardiovascular Pathology.

The next project will deal with surgical pathology of the aorta. Doctors Stone, Basso, Halushka and van der Wal will lead the groups. The collaborative group met in Spain at the Association of European Cardiovascular Pathology meeting. We will also meet at the upcoming USCAP meeting in Baltimore.

Dr. Dylan Miller has assembled a group to work on a cardiovascular pathology module for the College of American Pathologists learning portal. The work continues.

Dr. Max Buja co-chaired a session on cardiovascular pathology at the American Society for Investigative Pathology meeting. The topic was pathogenesis and molecular diagnosis of cardiomyopathies. We will continue to be involved with the ASIP meetings.

Dr. Gaetano Thiene will give the Paul Dudley White lecture at the upcoming annual meeting of the American Heart Association. A big congratulations !!

Dr. Max Buja also has taken the reins of our Society journal Cardiovascular Pathology. He has reorganized the editorial board. The journal is in excellent hands.

Fund-raising will become more important if we wish to maintain or increase our activities. Dr. Vanderheide, Mitchell, and I have put some thoughts together regarding naming opportunities for awards, corporate support, and special membership categories. These remain to be explored more fully.

I hope we continue to develop innovative methods of education with more web-based education including online tutorials, tele-education, and online practical demonstrations. Online webinars and research collaborations could also occur.

Partnering with other organizations remains an ongoing goal. This has been a goal since I became a member of the society, and it continues to be a challenge. I believe educational outreach needs more exploration.

In closing, our future is bright and promising if we continue to be visible, provide value and innovation. We must be leaders in personalized medicine and in information integration for patient care. We have much to offer our patients and their families for safe quality care.

Thank you for your friendship and support.

I look forward to seeing you soon.






John P. Veinot MD, FRCPC

President, Society for Cardiovascular Pathology


February,  2013