President's Report 2011








John P. Veinot M.D. FRCPC


As many of you know personal challenges have preoccupied my time recently. Hence I am tardy in wishing all of you a belated Happy Holiday and a rewarding New Year. Although it seems long ago, I hope the good memories linger. Soon we will be meeting at the USCAP annual meeting in Vancouver BC, Canada. A beautiful city if you have not visited before. We have a rich and interesting program planned. The details are on the website.

Marc Halushka has done a magnificent job redesigning the website. There are many interesting features and even contests and prizes- Please read the rest of this message first before you visit. I know you can’t wait!

We plan a Saturday evening session with a didactic session followed by short presentations by the young investigators. Sunday morning Dr. Rick Mitchell has arranged a great of speakers on the topic of atherosclerosis. Many thanks Rick! Our Distinguished Achievement Awardee Dr. Avrum Gotlieb will address the audience at the session. Sunday night we have our Awards Banquet at the Vancouver Club. A fun time in store for all. Thank you Gayle Winters for your hard work in arranging this! The meeting has our evening subspecialty session on Monday evening. Posters and platform sessions are also planned throughout the meeting.

We will continue to pursue our educational mandate. The SCVP and the European AECVP will be continuing our work on consensus documents. We have now had success with three of these and I believe this is a vital endeavor to pursue. We also need discussions on how to maintain a continuing platform of education for the USCAP and also a curriculum interesting for ourselves. Outreach to other subspecialty groups including forensics, pediatric pathology, bioengineering remain under-developed and we must work together to improve these. Financial health and ensuring our members get good value for membership are also important.

These are a few of the topics I am ruminating on. I look forward to seeing all of you at the upcoming meeting. If there are any hot topics that you wish to discuss please bring them to my attention before the meeting.

Best wishes






John P. Veinot MD, FRCPC

President, Society for Cardiovascular Pathology


Spring  2012