President's Report 2011








John P. Veinot M.D. FRCPC

Summer is nearly over and we will soon be returning to our grindstones. I hope that everyone had a chance to recharge their batteries and plan for a productive new academic year. Since the annual meeting at the United States Canadian Academy of pathology there has been some progress on the Society initiatives.

 Dr. Marc Halushka has taken over as our Society's webmaster. He has redesigned our webpage and it is excellent. Marc has updated the content, changed some of the formatting, and this redesign will help us with our objectives of better communication, collaboration, and education. One of his initiatives is a regular Case of the month. A prize is offered. Spread the word – prizes – fame – education – it does not get any better!.

 You can also Twitter about cardiovascular pathology.

 As a society we have endorsed the Drakensberg declaration on the importance of worldwide eradication of rheumatic fever. See our website for details. I believe it important and appropriate to state our position on such issues.

 Dr. Rick Mitchell has planned a very interesting program for our next meeting at USCAP. After negotiations with USCAP we will be holding an academic session on Saturday afternoon. The topic on Saturday will be cardiovascular device development. We will also include time for quick trainee presentations. This will allow us a better experience in choosing our Young Investigator awardee, and will allow us to interact with this individual to encourage them to become involved with our society.

 An excellent program is planned for Sunday morning. The topic will be atherosclerosis. Dr. Avrum Gottlieb will be receiving the Distinguished Achievement award this year and will also speak at the session.

 We have had success with academic collaboration with our European colleagues. Our consensus paper dealing with recommendations for surgical pathology, headed by Dr. Jim Stone and Cristina Basso, was accepted for publication in our Society journal Cardiovascular Pathology. Our consensus paper on endomyocardial biopsy, headed by myself and Dr. Ornella Leone, has been submitted for publication. Our next consensus project will deal with aortic surgical pathology and will be headed by Dr. Jim Stone and Dr. Patrick Bruneval.

  I am very pleased with the results and even more pleased with the goodwill and collaboration. It will be important for our Society to continue to reach out to our cardiovascular partners. Working together we can accomplish great things.

 We have organized a financial/ fundraising committee to examine possibilities for fundraising and explore how to improve membership benefits and promotion of our Society's mandate. Thank you to all who have provided interesting ideas to explore.

  Our journal Cardiovascular Pathology continues to have excellent content. We will be transitioning soon to our new editor Dr. Buja and I am sure he knows that he has all of our support. We owe a big thanks to Dr. Butany and Gottlieb. We will acknowledge their contribution at the future USCAP meeting in Vancouver.

  In advance of our next meeting I hope to continue working with you on the initiatives described above. I also hope we have more definitive plans for how to improve our educational mandate.

  There is much work to be done and we have challenges. However, with the dedication to cardiovascular pathology that we all have, I am confident we can accomplish great things.

  If you would like to help on any of these initiatives or discuss any matters related to the Society please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes






John P. Veinot MD, FRCPC

President, Society for Cardiovascular Pathology


Fall  2011