President's Report 2008


Jagdish Butany

It was a pleasure to meet many of you at the SCVP events, at the 91st Annual Meeting of the USCAP, 2008. This was indeed an action packed meeting for members of the Society for Cardiovascular Pathology. Starting with the Saturday afternoon (1st March) Executive Committee Meeting, we went on tothe Educational Sessions on "Molecular Pathology of Cardiovascular Disease",co-sponsored with the Association for Molecular Pathology, and the Sunday Companion Society Meeting on "Coronary Artery Disease and Myocardial Infarction in the Era of Interventional Cardiology ", and then to the Annual General Meeting and Strategic Planning Session on Sunday Afternoon. We topped it off with a very well attended and enjoyed annual SCVP Banquet, at which William D. Edwards, MD received the 2008 SCVP Distinguished Achievement Award.

The Executive Committee reflected on the year's events and made plans for the future. In the next two years, when the Society will be meeting as a Companion Society of the SCVP in Boston (March 7-13, 2009) and Washington DC (2010), significant Education Sessions are planned for Saturday and for Sunday.

The 2010 meeting will be the 25th Anniversary of the Society and our Programs Director, Dr. Gaetano Thiene, has excellent ideas for making that an even more memorable event.

This year's Saturday evening Symposium on the "Molecular Pathology of Cardiovascular Disease", was organized by Dr. Gaetano Thiene and Chaired by Dr. Jeffrey Kant, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and Dr. Bruce McManus, Vancouver Canada. The speakers included:Dr. Gaetano Thiene, Italy Introduction ; Dr. Jeffrey Kant, Pittsburgh, PN Principles and Techniques;  Dr. Fiorella Calabrese, Padua, Italy Cardiac Infections; Dr. Jeffrey Towbin, Houston, TX Molecular genetics of Cardiomyopathies; Dr. Jeffrey Saffitz, Boston, MA Electro-mechanical intracellular coupling; Dr. Michael Ackerman, Rochester, MN Molecular autopsy of sudden cardiac death.Each of these presentations was excellent, both by way of content and presentation. The content was contemporary and the speakers managed to keep it at a level appropriate for all and as well at all times kept it interesting and open for discussion. ( )

The Sunday morning Companion Society meeting was on "Coronary artery disease and myocardial infarction in the era of interventional cardiology". Clearly, a contemporary topic and one that has huge current ramifications. (Incidentally, the first Companion Society meeting organized by the Society in 1986, was on myocardial infarction and coronary artery disease). This session was Chaired by Dr. Barbara Sampson, New York, New York and Dr. Gaetano Thiene, Padua Italy. Topics: Gaetano Thiene, Padua, Italy: Introduction: Myocardial Infarction, a paradigm of success in modern medicine; Michael Fishbein, Los Angeles, CA The Vulnerable and Unstable Plaque;  Cristina Basso, Padua, Italy The Pathology of Myocardial Infarction following Coronary Recanalization;  L. Maximillian Buja, Houston, TX Unresolved issues in myocardial reperfusion injury; John Carroll, Denver, CO Interventional procedures for relieving myocardial ischemia; Renu Virmani, Washington DC The dilemma of bare or drug eluting stents. Each of the scientific lectures was clear, offered an excellent update on the topic and was very well delivered. 

The Annual Distinguished Achievement Award lecture was delivered by Dr. William D. Edwards of the Mayo Clinic, Rochester Minnesota, title: "Myocardial Infarction: A Light-Hearted Look at a Lion-Hearted Organ".  Dr. William Dean Edwards delivered his talk in his inimitable manner. The lecture gave us a whole new look at the heart and a look at how the rest of the world looks at the heart, all within 40 minutes! Dr. Edwards received a solid and very well deserved, round of applause for his presentation.

The Annual General Meeting saw the induction of new counselors. These being three counselors who replace retiring members of the Executive. The three new counselors are:  Dr. Chi Lai, UCLA, Department of Pathology;  Dr. Robert Padera, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts,  Dr. Sam Gulino, Forensic Pathologist , Hillsbourough County Medical Examiner Department, Tampa, FL.  Dr. Sylvio Litovsky (Acting Treasurer) was elected to the position of Treasurer. The Annual General Meeting endorsed the actions taken by the Executive Committee in the preceding year.

This year's Cardiovascular poster platform (standing room only), and evening sessions were very well received and attended.

Fundraising: On your behalf I thank Sorin Mitroflow Valves and Medtronic Heart Valves for their financial support of the scientific symposia!

The Future: Much of the rest of Sunday afternoon, was taken up by the Strategic Planning Session, which was attended by 37 members and consisted of approximately 3 hours of lively discussion about the future of cardiovascular pathology as a discipline and the role of the SCVP. A SWOT Analysis document, as well as the compiled results of a survey of a sample of SCVP members (available on the SCVP website) had been distributed beforehand.

The session was facilitated by Dr. Osama Mikhail, senior VP, Department of Strategic Planning, University of Texas, Houston. Dr. Mikhail's pre-conference help was critical in preparing for and organizing the Strategic Planning Session.  Following these discussions, it was agreed that: Our specialty is, and will continue to be, a vital part of Pathology, that its significance and critical role in health care needs to be emphasized. The role of the specialty in the management of post heart transplant patients , the development of cardiovascular devices, the analysis of explant cardiovascular devices and in ongoing cardiovascular research, is critical to the care of the cardiovascular patient. To this effect, the group agreed to set up subcommittees:

1. Training of Fellows: Dr. John Veinot and Dr. Gaetano Thiene would head a Committee looking at Educational content requirements and for Fellows proposing to train in cardiovascular pathology. This will be a minimum requirements document and while by no means binding, it will try to set some standards for what Fellows should expect and plan to learn during training to become a cardiovascular pathologist. It will give them some idea of the needs for an entry level training in cardiovascular pathology. Additional training would be up to the fellow and his / her mentor. Chair: John Veinot / G Thiene. Members: Gayle Winters, Gaetano Thiene, Mary Sheppard, Rene Rodriguez, Jagdish Butany

2. Dr. Maximillian Buja and Dr. Osama Mikhail with Dr. Jagdish Butany will form a small subcommittee to draft a revised vision and mission statements.

3. Guidelines and Best Practice: Dr. James Stone will head a committee to look at "Guidelines and Procedures for best practice: for different aspects of cardiovascular pathology practice". Chair: Jim Stone. Committee members are: Robert Padera, Cristina Basso, Marc Halushka, Carmela Tan, John Veinot, Jagdish Butany

4. The critical role of membership in the society was repeatedly reiterated , and options discussed regarding this. The Membership Committee has a significant role to play in the future of the SCVP. It is hoped that the membership committee will become more effective in recruiting new members. Young members will be asked to approach residents with an interest in cardiovascular pathology, to attend CVP sessions and encourage them to participate in discussions. The 2 preceding committees' work and the increased educational content offered at the annual USCAP conference are our attempts to offer more to our membership. Further plans are being considered to add additional value offered to SCVP membership.

It is my hope that these initiatives can be pushed forward fairly rapidly and that we should be able to have discussions about these during the year and bring the final versions to the membership and the Annual General meeting in 2009, in Boston.

Cardiovascular Pathology: As reported by the two Co-Editors-in-Chief the journal, is doing well. Its impact factor in 2007 was 1.917. The Editorial Board had long discussions about the future of the journal. The Publications Committee and the Editors are starting initiatives which we hope will lead to substantive enrichment both in the nature and content of the material published and improvement in the impact factor. 


1. Boston: March 7-13, 2009: The Program Committee is planning a truly delightful meeting for Boston, encompassing the 92nd Meeting of the USCAP and the 24th Companion Society Meeting of the SCVP. We look forward to meeting you all there.


Yours sincerely,  J. Butany, MBBS, MS, FRCPC

President, Society for Cardiovascular Pathology

President's Report 2007


Jagdish Butany

The year has started off well with significant progress in all things cardiovascular.   I took over as the President of the Society earlier in the year and I and your Executive look forward to working with you in the coming months.

As you are aware, these are extremely exciting times with tremendous change all around us in medicine, in all the cardiovascular sciences including cardiovascular pathology.   Much of the emphasis is in the area of molecular biology and gene based treatment or patient specific / tumor specific treatments and we will need to learn, in future, the morphologic and the molecular changes associated with these newer therapies.   At the same time, there have been significant changes in the interventional and surgical management of cardiovascular diseases and to some extent the pathologic or morphologic basis of these treatments and the impact of these treatments has for appropriate reasons been lagging, just a little bit.   Our Education Committee, headed by Dr. Gaetano Thiene has a tremendous plan ahead for the next meeting(s), in conjunction with the Association for Molecular Pathology at the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology, in Denver in the first week of March, 2008.  


We look forward to having all of you there with us!  


It is now 23 years since the idea of this society became more than a “twinkle”, in the eyes of 34 cardiovascular pathologists, at the meeting at the University of Toronto in 1984.   Much has changed and a lot continues to change.   The Society has made good on its initial commitments.   With the changes that have occurred in these 23 years, in a rapidly accelerating manner, your Executive and Education Committee have decided to take stock of the situation and to try and plan for the future.   To this end, we have made plans for a Strategic Planning Committee, to meet at the USCAP in March 2008, during the USCAP.     This meeting will be held in the afternoon of the 2nd of March, immediately following the general meeting.   The Annual Executive Meeting will be held on 1st March.   I invite you to attend the Strategic Planning Committee, which will follow immediately after the Companion Society meeting from 8:30 - 12:00 pm and the Annual General Meeting, which follows immediately following that.   This will be followed by the Gala Dinner and we look forward to seeing you there.


Our numbers (members) in the society are not what they were and not what we like them to be.   We need to make every effort to increase our relevance, increase our attraction to potential members, are responsibilities and responsiveness to members of the profession.   We need to re-enunciate our vision, a long-term commitment that one strives toward and to plan our mission, which I believe, is the actual journey towards the vision, a journey which can be stopped, remodeled or refashioned at stations en route, as the occasion arises.


It is our feeling that the Educational activities of the Society could be expanded and in view of this, our Education Committee Chair, Dr. Gaetano Thiene, has planned an extremely exciting molecular cardiology program for the evening of Saturday March 1, 2008.   We hope that you will be there with us to enjoy the locale and the cornucopia of educational delights that are in store for you.   We are trying to organize a strategic planning process and we need and look forward to your input.


Tentative SCVP Program, USCAP, March 1 - 6, 2008, Denver, Colorado:  


1.   Saturday, March 1, 2008:

a) Arrive in Denver

b) 3:00 - 4:00 pm:   SCVP Executive Committee Meeting

c) 5:00 - 8:00 pm:   “Molecular Pathology of Cardiovascular Diseases”, held in conjunction with the Association of Molecular Pathology

This promises to be an extremely interesting event with tremendous speakers from both societies.  


2.   Sunday, March 2, 2008:

a) Morning: the Companion Society Meeting, “Myocardial Infarction”.  

b) Talk by Distinguished Achievement Awardee 2008.


3.   Sunday afternoon:

a) Annual General Meeting

b) Strategic Planning Committee

c) Annual Gala Dinner


I look forward to seeing you all in Denver, as we embark on our attempt to plan for the future and to plan for a greater role for the Society of Cardiovascular Pathology.


President's Report 2003


Gaetano Thiene

While taking over the chair of President of the Society for Cardiovascular Pathology, I am indebted to the Nominating Committee and the Assembly for trusting me for such a big responsibility. I feel deeply committed to the job with the aim to promote the Society mission. There are several objectives I would like to pursue:

1) GLOBALIZATION OF THE SOCIETY. Theoretically the Society is open to the world and I, the first non-American President in its young history, will do my best to attract cardiovascular pathologists from the various continents, in our activity, particularly those working in the two sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

2) CARDIOVASCULAR PATHOLOGY JOURNAL. It is the pillar and flag of our Society and the ambassador of our activity with the scientific community. The founding members of the Society were far seeing by editing a specialized journal, unique among the various Companion Societies of USCAP. We must spend more effort in increasing the visibility of our journal by shifting part of our best research production to the journal thus gaining more credibility to our job with an outburst of pride.

3) THE PROFILE OF CARDIOVASCULAR PATHOLOGIST IN THE FUTURE. With the introduction of endomyocardial biopsy, cardiac transplantation and surgical pathology, the figure of cardiovascular pathologist became deep-rooted. New positions are expected to be opened and a turnover of pre-existing ones regularly occurs, especially in Academic teaching Hospitals. The Society should feel committed to education of young generations by rendering our job more and more professionally and intellectually appealing. Both training in Cardiology and in Pathology may be advisable in the future to implement applied research and cross-discipline collaborations with clinicians and basic scientists.

4) RECRUITMENTS OF NEW MEMBERS. There are cardiovascular pathologists, worldwide scattered, who are still in isolation, and may be attracted by a Society through the journal. The membership fee includes the journal subscription. The Society is looking for new members and the journal for new subscribers. They are mutually linked and the internationalization of the Society entails the achievement of both.

5) INCREASE OF COMMUNICATIONS. Communication and advertisement is the secret of the success of any social activity. To this end, the web page set up by the Society is our winning weapon by creating a gymnasium for collaboration, discussion and internet rendez-vous among affiliates. Its use should be expanded in a dynamic way, according to the need of the Society and its members, with the aim to share professional research, educational activity and research projects as well as to disseminate opinions and society documents.

These are only some of the relevant topics I would like to discuss with you in the future from the President page of the Society website. I anticipate that a message from the President will appear every 3 months. The first issue I will deal with early June 2003 will be The role of Cardiovascular Pathologist in the Clinical Decision Making, hoping that it will be a source of debate.
In the meantime I wish you a pleasant Spring.

Best wishes.

Gaetano Thiene